WordPress.com premium theme review wait time

I believe the “official” answer is that they don’t. But they sort of do.

See this interview with David A. Kennedy from the WordPress.com theme team.

We hope to open the form up some time in the future, but don’t have a concrete date. We do invite new shops to WordPress.com when we find themes we love.

Whether our marketplace is officially accepting new theme shops or not, we’re always looking for amazing, new themes. Make one, put it out there, and we’ll probably find it.

If you’re interested in being invited as a theme author on WP.com, the best thing you can do is just make a really nice theme. And it wouldn’t hurt if you built it on top of Underscores and utilized Jetpack features.

Also, if you haven’t already, watch all of the videos embedded in the WordPress Themes and User Expeirence article, and generally just read through every ThemeShaper (this is the official blog of the WordPress.com theme team) article you can to get a better idea of WordPress.com’s theme philosophy.

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In addition to what @leland said, make sure you theme(s) follow the wordpress.com theme guidelines - https://developer.wordpress.com/themes/


^ Yes, totally forgot to mention that.

Also, you can get an idea of the aesthetic they tend to go for by browsing through the recently released themes on this unofficial WordPress.com themes blog.

Hey guys, from what I know, there are 3 things:

  • they accept the theme immediately
  • they write the feedback and possibility to upload it when u fixed it
  • reject the theme
    Just submitted our new theme there, pretty nervous what they will say as this is really my favorite place to sell themes.

Also we had few rejected themes too, this doesn’t mean they will not accept any new themes from you in the future but I know exactly how you feel about :frowning:


How did it go with your submission?


I noticed you’ve had two themes get approved in the past couple of month. Congrats!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Currently awaiting a decision on this one, submitted a week ago.

unfortunately rejected :(. Working on a new one, hopefully next one will have more luck :wink:


Sorry to hear that. If you don’t mind me asking, what were their reasons for rejecting it? If you don’t want to share that is ok.