WordPress news sources

(Bowo) #1

Hey folks,

Trying out this cool Discourse thing on equally cool WPChat! :slight_smile:

First thread here and I thought of asking for websites / online spaces that you follow to get the latest on all things WordPress. I have aggregated 60+ of them over at https://wpnewsboard.com/ but figure there must be more good ones I’m missing.


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(Leland Fiegel) #2

Thanks for joining Bowo!

That’s a pretty cool site, love keeping up with WordPress news.

Usually my gotos are just WPTavern and Post Status.

WP Topics is another aggregator site you might want to check out too.

(Dev Sharma) #3

I am with Leland, I use WPTavern and Post Status to get the latest WP news.

By the way, great work on Bowo.io :smile:

(Bowo) #4

Thanks Leland and Dev. Those two are definitely in the top three. I’m just diving back into WordPress this year, so, have been missing quite a lot. I stumbled upon WP Topics the other day, but all of the feeds there are already part of my WordPress Newsboard.

Perhaps I should create a category that says, "If you only follow three, follow WP Tavern, Post Status and (I would say) WordPress.tv. I find the last one to be a treasure trove. Can’t wait to dig in there. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!.. and keep the suggestions coming. :wink:

(Leland Fiegel) #5

Ah, forgot about WordPress.tv.

Not strictly a “news” source but definitely a goldmine of information. Really should check out some WordCamp presentations on there some time.

(Jeff C) #6

Those are my go to sources :slight_smile: but I want to give a shoutout to SellWithWP Sell With WordPress as they are doing a great job covering the e-Commerce space for WordPress.

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #7

All the ones said are some of my favorites. Torque is another great one. http://torquemag.io/

(Pascal Birchler) #8

Most of the well known news sites have already been posted.

While we’re at it, I’d like to mention my new project SpinPress. Not for shameless self promotion, but because it’s a new kind of WordPress news resource – a digital magazine. I wonder if that’s something you’d be interested in.

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #9

I checked it out and looks like it could be awesome. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

(Stephen Cronin) #10

Defintely WPTavern and Post Status are my main source of news, along with Twitter and a few aggregated RSS feeds:

  • WordPress Planet (ie, from the Dashboard, includes wordpress.tv)
  • Ozh’s Planet WordPress
  • WPLift’s A Better Planet

The only problem is I see the same posts come up in each of the different feeds, LOL. I need to find a way to mash these feeds together…

(Olaf Lederer) #11

I check the new WP articles posted on ManageWP.org and what I see in AWP on facebook. That’s enough for the time I have :smile:
Of course I get a lot of WP related news in my mailbox, too.

(Sanjay) #12

I subscribed to wpmail which gives me the round up of tutorials, themes and other WP related stuff.

Good stuff @qriouslad!

(James Huff) #13

Like those above, I get most of my direct news these days from WPTavern and Post Status, however I also see the people that I follow on Twitter as invaluable news sources. Their retweets are like a personally curated list of great articles from other sites. :smile:

(Jeff C) #14

It’s a bit sad that people no longer get their news from WeblogToolsCollection.com :smile: At least we know it’s in good hands.

(James Huff) #15

I tried to pick up the WordPress news on my blog a bit after we closed WLTC, but there’s this really great place called WPTavern that just really has a handle on this whole WordPress news thing, so I can focus on other things now. :wink:

(Jeff C) #16

lol, I followed your site for a little while. One of the things to talk about at WCSF, your work with WLTC. I’m sure we have war stories to share :smile:

(James Huff) #17

I agree, we’ll have to find a more realtime way to get in touch as the dates get closer. There will be so many people there, I don’t want to miss out this time. :smile:

(Isaac Kerry) #18

Lots of good resources here, I also really like wpMail.me It’s a weekly newsletter with a roundup of news, podcasts, videos, and tutorials. Very well done.

(Bowo) #19

Hi folks.

Thanks for keeping the info coming. Just dropping by for a quick update that WorPress Newsboard is currently aggregating from 60+ sites and has been moved over and rebuilt at http://wpnewsboard.com. I think most if not all of the sites mentioned here have been added. I’ve also managed to remove duplications with careful sorting and a bit of JS trick… (wink at @StephenCronin)… :slight_smile:

@swissspidy’s: would be interested to include SpinPress as well somewhere down the road.

Feedback welcome. :smile:


(Leland Fiegel) #20

Nice, like the new domain too. :smiley: