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Nice, like the new domain too. :smiley:

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@qriouslad The new site looks nice, congrats! It’s definitely cleaner now with the separated categories. And it even works on mobile :smiley:

Let me know if you need any information to include SpinPress as well. Would be awesome!

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Thanks @swissspidy!.. I’ve just added a Google Custom Search that scours the 60+ sites. Hope that makes it easier to find gems from WP stuff published over the years.

As to SpinPress, I’m guessing RSS feeds for all articles and for separate categories would be awesome. Not sure if the current blog is the thing to include. I presume you’ll be doing a magazine right?.. Which is what I would love to include.

Yeah, it’s mainly a magazine, just with a blog attached.

Since the content is only available to customers, I’m going to publish some preview posts on the blog, linking to the magazine. In that case adding the site to your custom search should suffice. Default RSS feeds are available, too.

Maybe it’s easier to discuss this via Skype chat if you have any further questions (same username).

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Really liking wpnewsboard @qriouslad ! - often thought this would be a nice project to undertake but never got around to it - great that you did :slight_smile: We do daily WooCommerce posts over at http://www.commercegurus.com if it’s relevant to add :smile:

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@swissspidy: Ah, right. In which case, I’ve added SpinPress to the Google CSE for now and the default RSS feed as well to WP Newsboard, so when you have the magazine articles snippets in there, it’ll get aggregated. Hope that’ll help bring some traffic to SpinPress and maybe a bit business too. :smile:

@ct_roy: Haha… guess I have a bit more free time than you do! :slight_smile: Daily posts are nice!.. I look forward to the WooCommerce hosting reviews… been hitting several walls in the past month or two for a client project. You might want to try http://getclouder.com if you can still get their free trials. They seem to make things rather easy for WooCommerce in regards to their Varnish cache layer. Meanwhile, I’ve added CommerceGurus feeds into WP Newsboard. Thanks!

@qriouslad - thanks a million! I’ll add getclouder.com to the list for review at some point.

Hi all,

We have just launched our own WP news aggregator - WP Clipboard (www.wpclipboard.com). It does things differently to WP Newsboard - so worth a look. I’ve added a new topic under Resources to discuss WP Clipboard - and would be grateful for any comments & suggestions!


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Hey Bowo, thanks for including IndexWP, please add Sourcewp.com as well

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I also introduce Goodwpthemes.com It’s a nice WP blog with a roundup of themes, plugins and WordPress related service.

TorqueMag, WP Tavern and Post Status (you should really grab a subscription too).

Speaking of WordPress news sources, do you remember wpcandy.com? What happened?

Hey folks!

Thanks for keeping the suggestions coming.

Been a bit busy with things, but finally managed to add the following:

Enjoy at http://wpnewsboard.com :wink:

p.s. Still looking for more https://bjornjohansen.no or https://tommcfarlin.com type of expert blogs. Know any good ones?

Hi folks,

Quick update that new sources have been added to the WordPress Newsboard at http://wpnewsboard.com

http://joshpress.net/ - THE Josh who writes a lot of good tutorials about the WP API :slight_smile:

Anything new(er) I’m missing?.. otherwise, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Bowo @qriouslad

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Finally crossed over to triple digits! WordPress Newsboard now draws the latest from 100+ sites. http://wpnewsboard.com/ :smile:

Latest additions:




Hi Bowo:

I would also recommend https://www.wp-tonic.com/ for inclusion in your aggregate feed. There are new podcast episodes twice weekly.


Hi John,

Will include. Looks like a great resource! Thank you.


Hi BoWo,

Is there a way to see the list of sites you already have? I was going to suggest https://mattreport.com/ but didn’t know if you already had it.

Hi Luke,

It’s on the site already. Yes, I should probably list out all the sites included at some point. My last count was 130+ btw. :slight_smile:


Hi Bowo, thanks for compiling such a nice resource. You should definitely consider: WPMU DEV blog which is read by millions of WordPress professionals. Cheers!