WordPress Product Directory

(Ben) #1

Hi all,

I have just really started to get back into my own WordPress Product Directory, and submitting themes / plugins I find interesting to potential consumers.

You can find out more about my WordPress Product Directory here: http://wpin.me/wpins-wordpress-product-directory/ or indeed if you wanted to take a look through it you can do so here http://wpin.me/repo

I’m currently welcoming submissions from theme developers, plugin developers and service providers at no cost might I add.

Presently I’m in the process of updating the directory with non-affiliate links I’m giving users the choice to click on them or choose a non-affiliate link. The reason for this is I would like to add an element of trust to my directory rather than it being an out and out money making venture, giving people the power to decide so to speak!

The whole point of the directory is help other consumers find something of substance in their search for a theme / plugin or indeed service.

Just wondered if any of you would be interested in getting in touch and submitting products for review and such?

Look forward to connecting with you!!!

(Ana Segota) #2

Hey Ben,
I just sent you our latest theme Zeko :slight_smile:


(Ben) #3

Got it just adding it now for you! Thanks Ana!

(Ben) #4

Just made it live for you :):grinning::grinning::grinning:

(Ana Segota) #5

Thanks a lot, I just saw it :heart:


Hi Ben, I have three WordPress themes that I want to submit, Should I submit them individually for all three themes or should I submit them in one go in Here?

(Ben) #7

Hi Ashiq

Please submit then one after the other if you can it would be appreciated!

Thanks for submitting as well by the way!




Hi Ben, Submitted 3 themes (Tar, Resumee, Portfolioo) Hope to see them published :slight_smile:

(Ben) #9

Hi Ashiq,

I’ve just added the Tar theme and will upload the others later on today! Thanks for taking the time to submit!


Thank you for adding the themes