WordPress Sites Error Cannot Solve By Hosting Support


We recently encountered a strange situation where a few of my WP sites are down. Would really appreciate any feedback as hours of communication with Hostgator support has resulted in nothing.

  1. The site has a 200 response code but is simply showing a blank page with a few strange characters in the top left corner - �٥

  2. The site is a fresh WP install a few hours ago. I was working on it fine for a few hours and this suddenly happened. It’s using the Bootstrap theme with no special tweaks or any unique php added.

  3. The strange thing is … a few other WP sites on the same Hostgator shared hosting server have the same problem. But others, using WP too, and with a similar theme/content are resolving fine.

  4. The other strange thing is … a few days ago (Friday), one of these sites (i) was resolving the homepage fine but (ii) showed a blank white page in the /wp-admin (without the strange characters that are now showing). We looked for a solution where it was suggested that we deleted any spaces at the start and end of the wp-config file, but it didn’t help.

Hostgator support couldn’t solve it either. And that’s why we decided to do a fresh WP install on another domain name in order to let our programmer proceed with the development work first while this hosting issue was being resolved.

Strangely, this site that had the completely blank white screen at /wp-admin on Friday suddenly worked yesterday (Monday), showing the login screen properly for a few hours. And after that, until now, it has the same issue as mentioned in #1 above. But instead of showing �٥, it is showing †Ù¥.

Any idea, recommendation ?

Btw. this is my first post here, so ‘‘Hello to everyone’’, I hope I did not break some rules here.

Never heard of anything like that before.

Are there any weird files in your public_html directory? Like an index.html file uploaded to the /wp-admin/ directory (on the site you said there was a blank white page on /wp-admin/), for example?

As far as a recommendation goes, you might want to consider managed WordPress hosting. It’s probably more expensive than HostGator, but you most likely won’t have to waste time troubleshooting these sorts of issues on your own (if they ever come up at all).

Welcome! And no worries, no rules broken.

Never encountered this, but here’re the first things I’d check:

  • .htaccess
  • Like @leland said maybe there’s an index.html file
  • Check what’s inside index.php
  • Check the modified date of the files in the root directory