WordPress theme & plug in reviews

(Ben) #1

Hi all,

My names Ben and I’m not a coder. Sounds like an intro for an AA meeting!

I review WordPress themes and plugins with an unbiased user view. I pull no punches and aim to help consumers making the right choice when looking for a theme or plugin.

I thought I’d just throw my hat in the ring to offer my review services on http://wpin.me

If you’re interested in a review you can view my contact page for my deets.

(Ben) #2

Hey Ben - I’m also Ben :slight_smile:
Welcome to WPChat!

(Leland Fiegel) #3

Sounds like a cool service. I get the sense that too many developers don’t consider how non-developers would interact with their product. Welcome!

(Ben) #4

Hey Ben,

I know you from Twitter! I thought I’d start to use WPChat in earnest!

Thanks for the welcome :wink:

(Ben) #5

Hey Leland,

Thanks for your kind comment and of course the welcome! I try to focus on the user as opposed to the developer when I write reviews.

For me it’s a niche that I feel perfectly suited for. I’m an administrator of WordPress, have been for over 8 years. I know it very well from a user point of view.

A lot of blogs about WP focus on coding, I do not as I cannot code a lick. I’m not targeting that audience I’m targeting those like me. Users.

Of which there must be a fair amount, so I’m aiming to help those like me who perhaps are stuck on what’s the best theme for x or the best plugin for y.

Looking forward to connecting with folks here!

(Jeffrey Carandang) #6

Hi @BenWPin

Welcome to WPChat! Looking forward on your honest reviews. I do have several plugins that might interest you :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll find this plugin very useful and worth your review time :wink:


(Ben) #7

Hey @phpbits,

I can take a look at these plugins for sure, thanks for pointing them out, they do seem of interest!

All the best


(Jeffrey Carandang) #8

No problem @BenWPin . Glad you like them :slight_smile: You’ll sure love the Widget Options Plugin for WordPress, it recently surpasses 10k installation and got a lot of 5-star ratings from the users.


(Primoz Cigler) #9

Hi @BenWPin and welcome to WPChat!

I’d like to chime in and tell everyone that Ben has recently reviewed our Adrenaline theme for hiking/biking/bungee/… businesses and it was really a pleasure working with him! :slight_smile:

(Ben) #10

Hey @primozcigler thanks for the mention! Appreciate it! :wink:

(Ana Segota) #11

Hi @BenWPin,
welcome & happy to see u here :).
Love your in-depth reviews, they are very useful. Especially as they are written from a user, it’s great to have those reviews,the most important ones. This way we can improve and make our themes more user friendly :slight_smile:

(Ben) #12

Hi @anarieldesign,

Thanks for the warm welcome, you were the first one who took my advice on board and to be honest it was fantastic to see.

It’s nice to know my reviews are taken seriously!! I will keep plugging away, there are literally not enough hours in the day!!

All the best

(Shilpa Shah) #13

Hi @BenWPin -
Good to see you here on WPChat !
I just wanted to mention that Ben recently reviewed our Responsive Blog Theme and it was great working with him.

We will be coming back for more, Ben :slight_smile:

(Ben) #14

Hey @shilpa

Thanks for the kind words, appreciate you using the service and hope it helped!

Look forward to working with you again in the future Shilpa :wink: