WordPress wishlist

(Ben) #1

I’ve recently written about what I’d like to see in the next version of WordPress and I wondered what you would like to see. My wishes are:

  • Improved Import/ Export system that does widgets, and settings as well.
  • Improved post editing experience. Ideally front end editing - and some sort of content building system. Not a page builder, but something a bit more structured.
  • Changes to the custom front page system. It’s just too confusing currently.
  • Continued evolution of the customizer. I just like it :slight_smile:

What do you see as the future? Are there any innovations that WordPress is missing out on?

(Mark Senff) #2

A simple option for embedded images to have an absolute path or relative path. Now it’s always absolute, and so that often breaks stuff when you move a site from one domain to another. Though I realize it’s a problem that can be easily solved when you use the proper transfer tools, and that it’s a problem that’s not urgent or critical, the option to have it one way or the other would be nice.

(Ben) #3

That’s interesting - it’s not something I’d ever considered having not moved sites between domains. Potentially something like that could be integrated as part of the import/ export improvements as well.

I did see somewhere that WordPress has a policy (coding standard?) of using absolute paths - although I’m not sure what the benefits of that are.