WordPress with customer area


Hi there all,

I have been searching for a wordpress theme that suites my webshops needs but, I need some help from you guys.

My prefered setup:
Webshop where I sell intangible items (like bonds).
After a customer orders an item the customer needs to be able to log into his own area where they can see their intangible object. (dynamic values)

As my intangible fluctuates in price I want the customer to follow the ‘profit’ they stand to make after a succesfull sale.

So far I have found ‘wp-client’ and ‘WP Customer Area’ but they dont seem to do my idea full justice.

Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

Kinds regards

(Leland Fiegel) #2

I would look into membership plugins, not “client area” plugins. You can use them to show users dynamic content based on unique characteristics about their account.

A good one to build off of is Members by Justin Tadlock.

The tracking of value and showing profit thing is a whole other discussion, and would likely require custom development.