WordPress's loading slowly. Any suggestion?

(Faruk Erdogan) #1

My website is loading slowly as I expected. I am using The7 theme on my website and WooCommerce with Woo’s Sensei, Membership and Subscription plugins. Other plug-ins like; Yoast SEO, RevSlider, VisualCompresor etc. DNS provider is CloudFlare with free mode and SSL. And using DigitalOcean via Cloudways.

WordPress version is 4.8

Website ( www.superenglish.com ) is loading very slow. Do you have a suggestion to make it faster?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

It doesn’t seem that slow to me, but I have a pretty fast connection.

First of all, you have 127 requests on the homepage that add up to over 6 MB. That needs to be trimmed down extensively.

For example, I see scripts and styles for multiple slider plugins (LayerSlider and RevSlider) even though there aren’t any sliders used on the homepage.

Are you using Cloudflare static HTML caching (it’s turned off by default)?

Do you have a lot of members browsing through the site, cache-exempted, at any given time?

How much RAM, CPU cores?

(Faruk Erdogan) #3

It take 7-8 secs from my region.

Is there any tool to do that? Or should I edit them by code?

I think it because of the the7 theme. Or lack of my knowledge about RevSlider and the page has a Slider on the main page. Main spot sentence on the main page is a Slider. I think this is a mistake.

Oh, I have not set any rule on CloudFlare. I’ve used it just for DNS security. I think I have to check these features :slight_smile:

Nope. I have no any customer at the moment. I just checking speed before I launch the website.

1 Core Processor
2 Tb Bw

Min package on Cloudways with DO.

And I did not start the design other pages. I want to very light pages on WordPress.

I am open any suggestions including changing the theme.


My suggestions:

  • change the theme, choose quality lightweight
  • turn off all services on Cloudflare, use it just as DNS provider (that cloud should be gray, not orange)
  • in Cloudways choose a server location close to your eventual visitors
  • install plugins what you need only

I am not sure what that website is about, but probably you can use really lightweight theme, few small plugins and create good content. Avoid monsters like themes with any features, use plugin instead. Avoid use monster plugins like Jetpack, Yoast … you don’t need them.

(Faruk Erdogan) #5

Hi Petercralen,

Do you have any suggestions for lightweight themes?

How can I do SEO issues without plugins? Is it possible to do without an SEO plugin?

The website is about teaching English. to people. I am using WooCommerce, and Woo’s Membership plugin for private pages.

(Leland Fiegel) #6

First, you can check the Network tab in your browser’s development tools just to see all the requests.

I’m not sure of a tool that will tell you of wasteful assets loading, but that would be nice. I just picked out some obvious ones (the slider-related assets when there are no sliders on the page), but I’m sure there are more.

As far as I know, you would just have to go through one by one and determine what shouldn’t be loading, and then stop it. Might vary from plugin to plugin.

(Faruk Erdogan) #7

I have read being heavy about The7 theme.

So, any other lightweight themes suggestions?

(Leland Fiegel) #8

Perhaps this one by @samikeijonen would work: https://foxland.fi/downloads/checathlon/

(Faruk Erdogan) #9

Thank you, Leland.
I will check it.


Great suggestion from leland btw. Check also themes/framework from Studiopress these have also build-in Seo tool. It’s great if you build more website, you learn how framwork works and it save you time. If you build just only this website, probably focused theme is better choice.

Quality and well-supported SEO plugin is The SEO Framework There is no junk like in Yoast.

Keep in mind, that basic (in most of case also enough) SEO is just HTML tag - Title and Description … everything else is “advanced” and not always necessary - redirects, sitemap, opengraph …

Try to avoid also funcy useless things that make worse experience for visitors - all kind of pop-ups, sliders … Just check WPCHAT as example, no junk, just quality content.

Btw. if you will use Jetpack for whatever reason, you can use their CDN for pictures (I would not do it anyway). If you not sure about Cloudflare, just do a test with it ON and OFF, you will see the difference, bc. Digital Ocean perfoms really good.

The last think, test little bit in CloudWays settings if I remember well there are tons of cache options and similar settings, again majority of them is better to keep OFF.

(Faruk Erdogan) #11

Thank you very much, @petercralen
I will definitely try what you share with me.

Thank you all, thank you WPChat!

(Samrat Roy) #12

Hey Faruk,

I see that resources are blocking the first paint of your page. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles. Remove dead rules from stylesheets and defer the loading of CSS not used for above-the-fold content to reduce unnecessary bytes consumed by network activity. It currently has 141 requests,amounting to a transfer size of a bit over 1 mb, so you can try adding a budget.json file to set budgets for the quantity and size of page resources.

Here are a few generic tips and tricks you would like to have a look at :