WP Chat "Pro" accounts? Need your feedback

(Faruk Erdogan) #21

I think we should focus the main purpose of being here. I found WPChat via Google when I was searching something about WP. This is the first purpose; getting information about something else about WP. Focus on that.

When people want to get support about a topic related WP or want to read an answer about an issue, maybe they can pay to see/reveal it. Creating new topic can be a paid service. Because you can give them a value, give them a guarantee of getting the right answer to his question.

So, why am I still here? Because I believe the community, people should share their knowledge with other people. And WPChat can be the first place to gather people who are related about WP. If you can create a community on this topic, maybe after you can think about monetizing. Advertisements, paid posts, paid job lists, paid support, paid setting up someone’s wp or any other things about WP can be monetized.

(Leland Fiegel) #22

Hey @Faruk, I decided not to move forward with Pro accounts here.

Those are good ideas though that I might explore more, but since WP Chat is so cheap to run ($10 / month) I’m generally not concerned about monetizing it.

I wouldn’t ever charge to create topics though (outside of specific categories like “Remote Jobs” which is currently free). I think guaranteeing a right answer, especially at a fixed price, would be a recipe for disappointment. There was a site called WP Questions that used to offer market-based “bounties” for solutions to problems, and it didn’t work out too well.

(Faruk Erdogan) #23

Hey @leland,
What is the technology of WPChat? Is it WP or any other solution? Maybe you can sell this forum solution as a Pro service.

(Leland Fiegel) #24

WP Chat is (ironically) not run on WordPress. It runs on Discourse. Although Discourse is GPL software, they already sell managed Discourse hosting and I’m not interested in competing with them.