WP-CLI project needs your attention

(Yash Chandra) #1

I hope it is ok to share this but the maintainer of wp-cli has posted this recently.

He is having difficulty running wp-cli alone while working on other business etc. This is more of an experiment that he is running until tomorrow I believe than asking for donations. Please visit the link and see if this is of interest.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with wp-cli in any way but just a happy consumer :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #2

It’s okay. :slight_smile:

I use WP-CLI. I wouldn’t describe myself as a power user, but it certainly saves me time.

Much of what I think about this have already been said by others on various mediums, but I’ll summarize below:

  • I’d love to donate but everything just seems too vague for me to make a commitment.
  • Would this be better off as part of the official WordPress project, rather than independently maintained?
  • The WP-CLI project is too big to not live on in some form or another, with or without Daniel

I’d like to see Daniel continue to maintain it, and don’t necessarily see getting gobbled up by core as the best path forward. In addition to runcommand, it would be nice to see some sort of business plan targeted beyond large agencies and web hosts, whether it be under the WP-CLI name or not.

I see massive potential in runcommand being the commercial arm of WP-CLI, kind of like Automattic is to WordPress. It seems like there are some issues in monetizing the WP-CLI name anyway, as it sounds like the original creator may not be willing to give up the domain.

Then there’s the downside of WP-CLI being a much more famous name than runcommand. It’s a difficult situation, but unless the domain situation changes, I think sooner rather than later is the best time to start building out the runcommand brand.

For starters, I could see premium plugin authors paying to build extensive commands, kind of like what WooCommerce has done, then hefty retainers for ongoing maintenance and B2B support. Kind of like what runcommand does for hosts now.

In exchange, the plugin developer would get something that adds massive value to themselves and their customers. It’s really refreshing to manage stuff from the CLI. Nowadays, I rarely even login to the admin, unless I need to publish something.

That’s still a little too much “trading time for money” …perhaps there are other ideas for a more productized approach for premium commands. I honestly can’t imagine what more you’d need, as it already does so much, but I’m sure people much smarter than me can come up with something.

Some have also mentioned a Font Awesome-esque crowdfunding campaign, but I don’t see periodic crowdfunding campaigns as particularly sustainable. That would be preferable to the experiment running as it is now though, as there are clear goals and backer rewards.

In any case, I wish Daniel the best of luck. :slight_smile:

(Kakoma) #3

I’m with you on this. Commercializing using the runcommand brand would be great. With some thought and good positioning, it is the most sustainable option

(Piet) #4

Seems that someone actually listened :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #5

Interesting! I’ve gotta say, I’m a little surprised after reading tweets like this:




My “don’t necessarily see getting gobbled up by core as the best path forward” comments were chiefly based on tweets like that. I’d have rather had an independent, sustainably-funded WP-CLI with Daniel at the helm rather than a part of the official WordPress project that may not get the attention it deserves from a group of others.

But yeah, it seems like he changed his mind…so getting WP-CLI under the official WordPress umbrella to ensure continuity, along with Matt “bringing together a number of companies in the WordPress ecosystem to solidify their financial support of runcommand so that Daniel and others can devote more time to making wp-cli better and better through 2017” seems like a classic win-win. :slight_smile:

(Piet) #6

I think that perhaps originally he wanted not to be gobbled up, but if that was the only viable option to keep the project alive, then it could be the lesser of two “evils”?