WP Clipboard - The Largest Curated Collection of WordPress Resources

Hello there,

We have just launched WP Clipboard (www.wpclipboard.com) - an aggregator of WordPress resources, tools, tips and tutorials. The site is updated daily with new items from top WP news sites, RSS feeds and newsletters. 2,150 resources from 170+ authors - all in one place!

This is our way of giving back to the WP Community, so we have kept the site simple, user-friendly and ad-free (and registration/karma-free).

I will not bore you with details on how it works (it’s all on the About page). My favourite features are:

  • Full Menu - 54 categories covering most (if not all) key aspects of WordPress
  • Search - clean and simple
  • Ability to sort by Latest/Popular
  • WP version in the meta for all articles (pretty handy?)
  • The big orange Useful button… (inspiration - Monarch plugin by Elegant Themes!)

I would love to get your feedback and suggestions!

PS: Also, feel free to suggest new resources for us to include…


Hey Konstantin, thanks for stopping by and sharing this. It looks like a pretty cool resource.

It reminds me of ManageWP.org, but instead of news, it’s for resources.

I can imagine a newcomer to the WP world using this to quickly get up to speed with all the most modern tools and techniques for web development with WordPress.

Just because a resource is more recent, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more valuable. WP Clipboard seems to do a good job highlighting older, but more timeless resources.

Also love all the work that you’ve put into categorizing the stuff too, can’t seem to find anything out of place. Best of luck!


Love the idea, and the execution.

Great design of the site, big like in that area.


Hey Leland,

Thanks for your comments! I am really glad you like WP Clipboard.

Yes, there’s no denying that ManageWP.org was a major source of inspiration. I came up with this idea (draft name “WP Scrapbook”) just before ManageWP made the initial announcement about their project - but I decided to wait until after their launch, in case there were things I could do differently…

As you point out, we stay away from community news. I wanted WP Clipboard to be a general resource accessible to all (same reason I was determined to avoid registration, etc). Instead, we focus on meta/metrics for each item, filters, and so on. We might tweak the “Clipboard” (default sort by) algorithm at a later stage - as we are still learning how visitors interact with the site.

Categorisation is what I am particularly proud of - thanks! I always wished other sites had a better menu structure, instead of just the standard 3-4 general sections. We brainstormed every single category - first inhouse, then at WordCamp Europe in September, and the feedback I got there is what shaped the current look & feel of the site. Basically, I wanted to make sure that this is something both developers and bloggers could relate to.

The next big thing is to improve the front-end submission of resources, while still avoiding registration and maintaining some degree of “editorial control” (i.e. checking quality, dates, plugins etc). At the moment it’s just a single text field, and we only get a few submissions per day - which is hardly a long term solution. We will definitely need to encourage greater user engagement at some point…

Thanks again @leland

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Thanks, Ante @OriginalEXE !

Really happy to hear that you like it.

As for the design, this must be draft number 1,492 - took me three months before I felt ready to launch… We actually used a very solid Themeforest theme that we customised a LOT - as I did not have the energy to develop from scratch. I still want to get more colours in there, and envy sites like WPShout that are not afraid to be bold in their colour schemes…

@Konstantin great work putting all that together!!
I imagine how you must be proud of the categorization, it’s very well done and makes it really easy to find exactly the information that you are looking for.
Congratulations, it will be definitely one of my favorites to visit regularly.

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Quickly dropping by to give kudos to @Konstantin!.. Great job with both categorizing and curating the resources! :smiley:

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@lucymtc Thank you for your kind words!
Quick question: if you do become a regular visitor, would it help if we highlighted the articles added since your last visit?
I.e. something similar to these two tutorials from WPMU and WPBeginner
Or is that not necessary?

Thanks, @qriouslad! Glad you like it!
Still early days (only 600 pageviews), but people are already starting to submit/suggest resources - so that’s a good sign…

Speaking of categories, I am considering adding new ones and would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the following “candidates”:

  1. Shortcodes - this is a popular topic, so probably deserves its own category (currently filed under Custom)?
  2. Fonts/Typography - once again, currently filed under Custom JS/CSS or Content - but might need its own category?
  3. Community - a section for WP community sites, podcasts, WPChat(!), and so on. Would that be too “specialist”, or still useful?
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@Konstantin one could say ‘too good to be true’ but that it’s actually true! Thank you for making this, it’s a great website, and full of useful resources. I will consult it very often.

Re. your previous questions, I say yes to 1 and 3. Not sure about 2, that one is more of a web design topic than WordPress specific.

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Obviously I’m biased, but I don’t think it would be too specialist. There are some great discussions here that people searching for resources would find valuable.

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@Konstantin yes, that could be helpful.

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Thanks for such positive feedback, @daprela!! Glad you find it useful.

Yes, I agree, Typography is too general - so I’ll keep those articles under Custom JS/CSS for now…

@leland - agreed! We’ll open up the Community section in a few weeks. In the meantime, would love to add WPChat into the WP/Learning sections. Do you have a description (156 chars max) + image (min 500px width) we could use? If not, I could just use a screenshot of http://wpchat.com/ and the meta description / Welcome text.

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Works for me. Much appreciated!

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Thanks, @lucymtc - we’ll implement this feature later this month.
Love your wptips site by the way (and great logo!). It got me thinking about a possible Snippets section for WP Clipboard. Articles such as this one could go there without images, etc. What do you think?

@Konstantin that would be great!! thanks for the nice words about my site :wink:

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