WP Talents – Connecting WordPress Talents

(Pascal Birchler) #1

Hey there!

I’ve built a new site called WP Talents, where I want to showcase great WordPress people and agencies. It should evolve into a mix of CrunchBase, AngelList and the former CodePoet directory. It shouldn’t be a directory where you pay to get higher listings, because that doesn’t help anyone. Instead, everything is based on a “talent score”.

I’m introducing it on my blog and it would be great to hear your feedback!

(Leland Fiegel) #2


I was always disappointed when Automattic’s CodePoet directory (which is still online, by the way) stopped accepting new applicants. I presume that sort of focus was shifted on the WordPress.com VIP partners page.

WP Candy also had a Pros page, which I’m surprised is still online at all, but clearly missing a template file. The content is still there at least.

It sounded like @krogsgard might’ve been working on some sort of directory on Post Status. Not sure what the status of it is now.

And finally, some thoughts on WP Talents…

  • Looks good so far, really like the sorting features…very CodePoet-esque.

  • Interested to hear more about this talent score system.

  • Getting some Nginx timeout errors.

  • Any monetization plans?

(Pascal Birchler) #3

Yeah, the CodePoet directory is still online, but not very usable.

Brian and I got the same basic idea. Since I was thinking of something like this for years I reached out to him, but nothing came of it. AFAIK it was in early build stage then.

I think the benefits of WP Talents are its openness (code + no restrictions for visitors) and simplicity. I’d describe the goal to be something like AngelList and CrunchBase, just for WordPress.

There will be some blog posts about the score in the future, but it’s really not that special or complex.
I’m working on the timeouts though, since in some edge-cases it has to load lots of data. Maybe I can do this with cron jobs, but we’ll see.

Monetization: Many ways are possible, but right now I’m thinking of “verified” entries, where you pay a small amount to maintain your own entry, add activity products, team members, etc. by themselves. That shouldn’t guarantee a better listing though.

(Tom) #4

I like the idea. What I mainly wonder though is if you’ve considered some contributions more valuable than others. I.e. if someone tiny plugin that add a filter vs another one like i.g. Jetpack. The only nice way I currently can think of to solve this is to add some sort of community rating system as well ( there was some debate on this in a Google hangouts*, couple years back ). Where only talents rate other talents. Than again that probably messes up your current monetization.

Thinking a bit further ahead, it might be worth to also create a plugin that automatically fetches someone’s score when searching for a plugin. That way you can easily see plugins rated by rating.

Just two minor side notes, empty search returns the contact page and you’re using 1200x640 on the home for the small bgmaps.

Other than that love to see this evolve

*google talk: http://youtu.be/gb_ugIxX_O8

(The Dragon) #5

I like this idea as I’ve struggled to find good resources. I did a couple of searches just to play around. One thing that I noticed is that after I do a search and click a profile, I no longer have the search box. I either have to go back to Home or hit the back button.

As example, I searched “security” and then went to this page:

At this point I probably want to either:

A. Search again or refine a search
B. Mark the profile as a “favorite” as I’m in a discovery mode
C. Contact the resource

(Pascal Birchler) #6

Thanks for your replies! WP Talents is work in progress, so I’m open for any suggestions.

Not sure if a talent rating would be desirable, but I was thinking of just simple reviews/testimonials/comments.

Thinking a bit further ahead, it might be worth to also create a plugin that automatically fetches someone’s score when searching for a plugin. That way you can easily see plugins rated by rating.

Sounds cool! And even easy doable. Noted!

@wmd I definitely want to improve search, but I’m unsure if a favorite function is the way to go. Would “Open in new tab” suffice as a workaround? Need time to build a fancy search (and add better contact options) :smiley:

(The Dragon) #7

I’m not sure opening in a new tab would help. I can do that now if I want. It’s that when I do these type of searches, I often get interrupted so it’s nice to have some way to tag a person so I could find them. But, don’t build till it’s requested by others. As a workaround, I can create a task with a URL reference using Nozbe.

(Devin) #8

Neat data mashup Pascal.

On the “About” page I’d like to see how the “activity” score is calculated/generated (or did I just miss that somewhere?). Also, I’d suggest adding some more design so you can know right off how the activity score compares to the other talents.

(Pascal Birchler) #9

Thanks for your feedback Devin!

You’re totally right, there should be an easier way to compare the score with others. That’s why I’m now showing it on the search page as well!

I’ve also made lots of other changes I blogged about here to the site this week. Have a look at your profile to see how it looks like now.

I mentioned the score calculation in the blog, and it will be open sourced anyway. I also just updated the “About” page now with this information. Thanks for the heads-up! :smiley:

Basically what’s counting at the moment:

  • Badges on your WordPress.org profile
  • Number of great WordPress plugins and themes
  • Contributions to WordPress Core
  • Activity in the support forums
  • Codex contributions
  • Appearances on WordPress.tv

(Pascal Birchler) #10

Hey guys,

Instead of creating a new thread I wanted to update this one. There has been quite a lot going on at WP Talents and I wanted to share the most recent events with you and hear your opinion about that.

First of all, the main plugin that’s powering the site is available on GitHub if anybody is interested in browsing through the code or contributing to it.

I have been thinking a lot about the site and how it should work in the future. Noel Tock’s post “WordPress in 2015” validated my impression that the community really needs a centralized platform for finding great WordPress people.

It led to an extensive post on my blog about the more immediate plans:

  • Be as open source as possible
  • As stated above, the main plugin is already available on GitHub
  • I released a tutorial on leveraging the WP-API for oEmbed
  • Allowing anyone to embed talent data on their website
    (This is almost finished. oEmbed is working, but I want to extend the functionality.)

All good and well, but shouldn’t the users be able to edit their profile information themselves? In my post I wrote about the various scenarios.

I’ve been considering BuddyPress, but I’m not sure if it would just generate too much overhead. I like the activity module though. Just imagine WP Tavern writes about XY and it would generate a new activity on WP Talents…

Currently there’s now BuddyPress extension that lets user edit their profiles through the customizer or edit other profiles (e.g. employee edits the company profile). It would make it more like a CrunchBase for WordPress though, which is what I intended.

What do you think? How would you approach this? Has anyone got experience with something like that?

Thanks for your feedback!