WPAvengers.com currently up for bid at GoDaddy Auctions

Anyone remember WP Avengers? If not, here’s some reading to catch up on:

Short story, it was in response to WooThemes’ updated pricing scheme. And it basically gave people a bunch of paid GPL WooCommerce extensions for free. It generated a lot of controversy for a few reasons:

  1. The guy named “Nathan Walker” who was allegedly behind it, seemingly popped out of nowhere.
  2. That releasing free/discounted extensions didn’t necessarily hurt WooThemes, but rather the third-party developers that made the extensions.
  3. The old “it’s legal but unethical” debate.

Well, they recently announced they were shutting down. Their shutdown wasn’t met with much mourning.

And as I was doing some casual searches for domain names, I found that the domain they used, wpavengers.com, had expired.

Here’s the auction link: https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=152353691

There’s a few hours left at the time of this posting, so if you’re reading this later in the day/night, the above link probably won’t work.

It’s currently at $45. I’ll watch it to update with the final bid price. For the record, none of the bids are or will be mine. I have zero interest.

I’m guessing the bidders are interested in “SEO” for the incoming links from authoritative sites like Torque, Post Status, Justin Tadlock’s site, and the Tavern, but those sorts of links tend to dry up pretty quickly when the old site isn’t there.

It’s worth noting that this is an expired auction, not a public auction. Meaning “Nathan” is not profiting from this at all, the money will go directly to GoDaddy and ICANN’s coffers.

It’s also interesting that GoDaddy reported zero traffic for the domain, presumably trickling down to nothing after the initial surge of traffic a year ago.

I think the fact that they couldn’t even spend like 10 bucks to keep it renewed another year speaks to their lack of passion for the project, which was cited as their main reason for ending it.

What do you think of WP Avengers’ demise?

Will you be placing a bid, and possibly owning a piece of WordPress “history” (if you even want to call it that)?

Also cc’ing @krogsgard, @Jeffro, @coenjacobs, @justintadlock as their articles/tweets are mentioned in this post.

Heh, well I’m not going to place a bid because I have far too many domains already, but this is definitely a piece of internet history that someone with good intentions do something fun with. :slight_smile:

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Well this is bizarre…

The auction has been dragged along for hours after the scheduled end time thanks to GoDaddy’s “anti sniping” feature that extends the auction for a few minutes after the last bid was placed.

It’s over $2k now, thanks to a bidding war between two different accounts.

It’s possible the domain can be “redeemed” for ~$100, rendering this auction moot.

No idea what’s going on, but this is smelling pretty fishy.

And now it’s vanished from my GoDaddy Auction watchlist. This is usually indicative of the domain being redeemed.

I’d like to know more about why they set up shop in the first place, what they thought would happen, and what actually did happen – how many downloads and where from, did they get thwarted by Woo, and how did they expect to be able to keep procuring new releases to provide for free via their not-free bandwidth and time.

Apart from trademark issues, what they did was not stealing, and some would say it was not unethical either. I’d say it is unquestionably unsustainable and untrustworthy for that reason, among others. That should be the main lesson and main reason not to try (or feel threatened) by this sort of thing.

I’d be interested in this too, although I really doubt Woo attempted to take any sort of action against them. This is far from the only time their work has been redistributed and they’ve been documented as having a pretty lax attitude towards it.

I get the feeling the people behind WP Avengers lost their motivation to keep it running for a couple reasons:

  • They must not have been making very much money.
  • It didn’t exactly spark a “revolution” that the owner seemed to genuinely be expecting, but rather a pretty definitive backlash.

I’d love to get more detail from the source, but I haven’t the slightest idea on how to get in touch with “Nathan Walker” besides tweeting @wpavengers. Maybe I’ll do that now. :smiley:

It’s also worth noting that GPLClub.org, which seems to be set up with a similar model seems to still be online. Wonder what they’re up to.

@drvmehta You must’ve missed the rules. I removed the link to WooGang which you’ve been promoting all over Yahoo! Answers and YouTube videos for years.

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