WPChat now uses Google Analytics

Those of you using Ghostery or similar tracker tracking browser addons may have noticed Google Analytics is now used here at WPChat.

While I originally wanted to make WPChat a trackerless site, and it had been up until yesterday, I’ve recently realized that was a pretty naive goal considering the future vision for WPChat.

If I really want to get serious about growing WPChat, I need to better understand how traffic arrives and subsequently interacts with the site.

I considered using Piwik, although Google Analytics was too tempting thanks to Discourse’s quick and easy option to set it up. You may opt-out of Google Analytics tracking if you want.

This is in addition to the stats that Discourse tracks natively, and Mandrill for email tracking, which includes stuff like user counts, post counts, referrers, etc. See the one month post for more details on that.

Also, while my total costs to run WPChat are still only $10 / month at Digital Ocean (and still within the free tier at Mandrill), and while I really love running WPChat, I probably want to bring on a sponsor at some point to help cover the time I spend on it.

That sponsor will likely want to see more detailed analytics than those provided by Discourse and Mandrill.

So for those reasons, I installed Google Analytics.

That’s all. Thanks for WPChatting!

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Track me all you like! :smile:

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Don’t track me, bro.

If this is big deal for some people, they can always block Google with noscript or similar.

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