WPLift and ThemeFurnace up for sale

(Nate Wright) #1

Oli, who runs WPLift and ThemeFurnace, is looking for buyers for both properties.

Generating traffic is hard. If you’ve been thinking about entering the product space and aren’t sure whether to go to a marketplace or stay on your own, these properties would be a huge head start on getting your product in front of eyeballs.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Both seem like really complete, high quality sites. Really curious about traffic and revenue numbers, and the price he has in mind. Best of luck to Oli on getting a deal done.

(Brian Krogsgard) #3

Oli does a fantastic job with his sites. I’m excited for him, but disappointed to see WP Lift up for sale, which I think has been far better of an affiliate marketing site than many others out there.

He’s going to be able to get a pretty penny for these. He used to do income reports and WP Lift was getting really nice traffic as well as thousands per month in affiliate and ad income.

(Ben) #4

I’m a bit disappointed to hear this - I think the content on both sites is great! I think these would work really well for the right person.

Hope he does well with his new ventures though.

(Brin Wilson) #5

Wow… just ‘wow’… and, more importantly: why? He wrote in his tweet 'making the move away from web stuff"… but to what? Anyone know? How’s he selling these sites — publicly? For how much?

…yet another WP blog up for sale… :frowning:

(Noumaan Yaqoob) #6

Oli is very good at building websites and online communities. He works hard on his sites and its evident on all his projects. WPlift generates good revenue from affiliate marketing and other sources. I am sure he will have no trouble selling it.

(Tom) #7

Sorry to see it. WPLift is a great resource for WP users. I hope it falls into good hands.

(Oli Dale) #8

Just came across this thread via a Google search, Thanks a lot for the kind words everyone :smile:

My tweet was just testing the waters to see if there are any interested buyers - I havent 100% decided to sell yet and will only be to someone who can continue them both in the right way,

I guess have become a little burned out with WordPress lately after working with it / writing about it since 2010!

Happy to answer any questions etc -


(Ahmad Awais) #9

I am looking forward to hear from you Oli, WPLift is a real good resource I hope it lands in capable hands.

(Brin Wilson) #10

Oli - thoughts on putting it on Flippa?

(Oli Dale) #11

I’ve sold sites on there before but I think Flippa should be the last resort - only if you want a guaranteed sale and dont mind getting x12 months revenue.
I’m not in rush to sell, or even sell at all so happy to keep things private.

(Yash Chandra) #12

Bumping this up again. Oli has posted this on Flippa finally and is getting good amount of attention already.


(Leland Fiegel) #13

Thanks for updating the thread @ychan. Interesting to read through the sales thread, and good to see that it’s attracting a healthy amount of bids.